The FINANCE Committee is responsible for the administering of all funds of St. Paul’s United Church and ensures that all financial requirements laid out in the Manual of the United Church of Canada are met.

As we approach the summer season we are enjoying warmer weather and outdoor activities, and we are counting down the days until vacation time. Please keep in mind, while you are away on holidays, that our expenses continue here at St. Paul’s. Your offerings are still needed to support our Church facility, programs and staff, through the summer months. If possible please consider making your offerings, through post-dated cheques or PAR (pre authorized remittance).  If you are interested in signing up for PAR, please drop by and see Nancy in the church office. You can also speak to Finance Committee members if you have any questions about how PAR works.

PAR Giving

PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

Joining the PAR program is a great way to support St. Paul’s since your contribution arrives regularly and can be relied upon by the church treasurer, even if you personally miss a few Sundays. Since many members use their bank cards and credit cards to make purchases and do their banking on-line, PAR is also the most convenient for us. The national church administers the giving plan. Donations are taken out of your account on the 20th of each month and you can make changes to contributions at any time. Please consider giving by PAR.